From San Diego to Seville, here are the upcoming destination fashion shows to look forward to

Digital, phygital, and now physical: destination fashion shows, just like in the past, are back to regular programming. Think extravagant sets, vivid lights, and an exhilarating playlist.

Two years ago, there was little possibility of a physical fashion show due to travel bans, safety concerns and closed borders worldwide. Fashion’s cognoscenti worked their way around the unprecedented phenomenon by attending fashion shows virtually, leaving many to wonder if that was the new normal. However, as restrictions gradually eased, shows began to make an assertive comeback.

Needless to say, each brand pulls out all the stops in the vein of expansive venues and extraordinary sets. Previous years saw Chanel’s autumn/winter 2019 show amid a panoramic alpine backdrop. Dior’s spring/summer 2022 runway also made headlines for its board game concept, accompanied with disco lights.

This year proves no different. Just last week, Chanel continued its momentum of spectacular visuals with its exciting cruise 2023 show presented at the Hotel Monte-Carlo Beach with stars such as G-Dragon and Tilda Swinton in attendance. The week before saw Dior’s fall 2022 hosted in Seoul.

Ready to get back in the swing of travelling, in the name of fashion? Below, the upcoming destination fashion shows to look forward to, from Valentino and Louis Vuitton to Balenciaga and Gucci.

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